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Switzerland should be proud of hosting major international events such as the Geneva and Zurich Motor Shows and is also home to must-visit museums such as the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne.  Major infrastructure such as tunnels, bridges and majestic viaducts are the pride of architects and builders alike, while mythical roads sometimes follow historic Roman and Medieval routes. And above all, the country is home to majestic mountain passes such as the St Bernard, St Gotthard, Simplon and Umbrail Passes at over 2,500m above sea level, the Furka Pass, San Bernardino Pass, Oberalp Pass and Nufenen Pass, which all make for true adrenaline rushes for experienced bikers and cyclists. Switzerland also boasts dozens of waterways which are perfect for motorboat and sailing boat enthusiasts. Transport enthusiasts will find what they are looking for in our exhaustive selection of magazines which need to be experienced in real-life.